Competitive and recreational rowing on the Oakland Estuary

who we are

The East Bay Rowing Club is dedicated to making rowing accessible to all. We believe in creating enduring relationships among our rowers as we serve our diverse community. We are proud of sponsoring and encouraging scholastic rowing programs in Oakland schools.

No Experience? No Problem

We welcome all levels. On any given morning, we have everything from first-time rowers to former national team members down at the boathouse.

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Experienced coaching

We have a diverse set of dedicated and talented coaching staff to help all our teams achieve their goals on the water.

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We train for fitness and competition

Our novice, club, and competitive teams offer rowers of different skills and ambitions the possibility to further their technique and experience as well as compete locally and nationally.

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2018 Regatta Schedule

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From The Blog

Rower P(row)file: Meet Colette Shelly

Colette is part of the tough few who made it through LTR January 2017— one of the wettest winters we’ve had. A year into rowing, Colette is an avid competitor on the club team, and somehow manages to go see live music shows late at night and show up bright and early at 5:20 a.m. We might have to try her snack of choice. 


Rower P(row)file: Don Asher

At EBRC, we have several rowing families. Don Asher, (Men’s Competitive Team) is a regular fixture at the club with his wife Susie and son, Miles. Don and his family not only row together; Don and Susie run a company together–remember those awesome looking  programs at our 2017 fundraiser? Find out Don’s favorite erg piece, power snack, and about clashing oars with Marin.