A Humid Lesson in Patience

Hey Hey! (the other) East Bay!
Hey Hey! (the other) East Bay!

Well, my race rituals have begun. If you’ve ever observed me closely at a regatta, you may notice that I eat & drink & do things habitually the same way almost at the same time. I got my various drinks, post weigh-in foods (sans a treat I can only get at home) & even attempted to make my own chili-lime mangoes. I like things routine and regimented.

I always knew I was fussy, at times a bit of a Diva, as Axel likes to point out. But never quite aware of how much you guys collectively take care or cater to my needs. Thank you all, by the way. Up until today, my only concerns of the trip were nominal. I had forgotten my stroke coach at the boathouse (PANIC!!!!), but I had an ace in my pocket, my best friend is clutch and got one in my hands on the way to airport. I forgot my sweatband and little green towels! My friend at work told me which Target had the towels in stock and I swooped in & picked ’em up. See, I got good people.

My plan for today, course opens at 12. Get in, register, pre-weigh to see where I’m at (160.2 BTW. It’ll be gone easily.), hit the water by 1:30. Off no later than 2:15, back chillin’ at the crib or sight seeing.

Then reality sunk in. I obviously was not the boss in charge today! My poor boat (a lovely red Vespoli lightweight Matrix 1x with Van Deusen rigging. ‘Gurren Laggan Row On’; more to come on the name) was missing its seat. Another one had to be fetches from the Sarasota Crew boathouse, 30-45 minutes away (In teal time, 3-4 hours). Egads. I take a seat in their tent. Can you fill a seat in an 8+ so at least you can see the course and help us out? Hooray! Never mind, the rower showed up. Boo! Seat shows up! I kick off my shorts into my trou. Hooray! The PA announces course is closed indefinitely for incoming bad weather (which never came). Boo! Course back open. HOORAY! No wait, it’s 5:30. Time for coaches & coxswains meeting. Boo! Finally 6:30 PM, after marinating all day, I get out on the water for a quick row through and quickly make adjustments to both the rigging and the oars.

Now usually I would be fuming, a wreck and on an emotional roller coaster. But what was I gonna do?!? Really? So instead, I started rigging boats, chatting’ up the team, lifting, carrying, whatever. Typical regatta stuff. Sarasota kinda adopted me. Before long we were yucking it up in the tent, sipping water, taking me along for food runs. Really kind, sharing people. I think it was a mixture of me looking helpless waiting alone and pitiful, all the white still willing to do their work. Once they discovered I was lightweight, their coach asked if I would row a 4x with his lightweight D’s. How generous & fun but I also explained as long as it didn’t interfere with my primary race. We shall see . . .


PS – Gurren Lagann is an anime cartoon. I thought it was a dead person de to the “Row On”. That is until I later learned, the shows theme song is some kind Japanese operatic rap song that repeats Gurren Lagann Row Row Power On repeatedly. ?????

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