Beating the Erg with your Mind

Yes, you read that right. It’s possible. Solid fitness is required but the mind is a powerful tool that can make the body go much further. Find out how to train the most important muscle in your body: the brain. 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Drew Morgan advise us on mental side of rowing as he finishes his graduate degree in Sports Psychology at JFK University. While fitness is an important factor, mental preparation is key to a good erg score as well as for a race.

During a recent workshop, Drew made us go through how we prepare for an erg test, identify our attention style (associative or disassociate), and how to use this knowledge to get the best performance on the erg. While many of us are familiar with developing a race plan, Drew’s training focused on how to prepare so that we are never caught off guard by developing a plan with a very simple “If, then” statement. Counting, spelling, segmenting, focusing on rhythm and sound are some of the tactics that help us get through a challenging piece. Mindfulness is also a very powerful tool to let us deal with pain without judgement and with calm and composure. The key is to find what works best for you.

Check out Drew’s presentation below to find out what can work best for you so that you can have a “fat erg.”

Beat the erg with your Mind Presentation Cover Slide


Want to know more? Contact Drew Morgan for a session! 


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