Motivation Monday



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EBRC P(row)file: Dawn

Lisa, Hilary, Diane, and Dawn

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: I did a Learn to Row in May 2011. It looked like a fun way to get exercise. Continue reading…

Monday Motivation: VIDEO

“You need to know your why, and my why wakes me up every single morning.” Continue reading…

Monday Motivation

MM-041816sleep with dreams

Non-rower: Why do you have practice so early?
Rower: To get started before my brain knows what I’m doing.

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Motivation Monday


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EBRC P(row)file: Helen K.

Pauline, Jolie, Helen, and Gina after Head of the Lagoon

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: Fall 2007. I needed to find an athletic activity after many years of competitive soccer. Continue reading…

Motivation Monday


“You drop the oar in the water and push,” Coach Sara once noted. “What could be simpler?”

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EBRC at SDCC 2016

IMG_0464Saturday, April 2 — 

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VIDEO: Stakeboating tips and commands

It’s sprint season! Stay calm, stay focused, and be ready to back, tap, or scull on your cox’s call.

Motivation Monday


San Diego Crew Classic 2016 is this weekend and our crew is ready. Go, East Bay!

(Watch for results on Regatta Central.)