EBRC P(row)file: Erin Griffith

Meet Erin Griffith, one of the fastest women at EBRC and a natural competitor who takes the words “empty the tank” to heart. At 2017 Southwest Regionals, she collected hardware on every event she participated! This girl is all business. 

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: I grew up in Colorado, a place where rowing was not a popular or easily accessible sport. There aren’t many big bodies of water in the Front Range. My exposure to rowing didn’t happen until I moved to the East coast. Living in Boston, I recall seeing the crew teams practice and compete on the Charles River and found it mesmerizing. Though, I was 24 yo when I lived in Boston, so I may have been more mesmerized by the rowers than the actual sport. Swoon. It never crossed my mind that it could actually be an option for me to participate. After all, I wasn’t someone who walked around in shorts with embroidered whales and polo shirts. Plus, I was past college age, so it was too late to start anyway. I was wrong.

Erin Griffith

Ten years later and one year after moving to the Bay Area, I happened upon a Facebook post that was advertising ‘Learn to Row’ at EBRC- it piqued my interest and decided to give it a go. I was nervous. I didn’t know the lingo or the difference between port and starboard. Really, I knew nothing except, from my past life as a Crossfitter, how to row on a machine (which I later found out is called ‘erging’). Thankfully, we had patient coaches and supportive teammates who were all learning together. I am now coming up on my first ‘rowversary’(August 14th) and, though coach might tell you different, I’ve come a long way since day 1. This year, I am hoping to get the opportunity to return to Boston and participate in the Head of the Charles, an event that seemed so elusive years ago.  

Q: What’s your favorite EBRC story?

A: When an abandoned baby goose was found at the boathouse and Terri raised it as if it were own.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve learned from a coach (so far)?

A: Pull hard. Don’t make excuses. Show no weakness. And, that I need to learn to slow my slide.

Q: What do you do when you’re not rowing?

A: Working, cycling, rowing, and loving my newly adopted puppy, Theo, take up most my time lately. I also enjoy spending time with my pseudo-nieces: Sasha, Chiara, and Rosalie.  

Q: What has changed most in your life since you started rowing?

A: I have become more of a morning person. Rowing is the only thing that has ever motivated me to consistently wake up so early.

Q: How old are you right now?

A: I turned 35 last week. Sigh.

Q: Port or starboard?

A: Starboard

Q: Why do you row?

A: I row for three reasons:

1) It challenges me mentally and physically.
2) I love the EBRC community
3) I love to win.

I want to improve both as an individual and as a boat, so we can kick some serious butt and collect more bling.

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