From the Novice Boat: The First Race!

The EBRC summer 2015 novices rowed their first race — a mixed masters novice 8+ — at the Wine Country Rowing Classic on October 4. Could we possibly be ready, when we had little more than three months of rowing under our belts? Whatever made me think I could race? Not sinking the boat seemed a worthy goal, under the circumstances.

Ready or not, race day came. After hours of waiting, we were off, in our 5,000 meter “head race” (race against the clock). Under a glaring sun, and through a haze of spray and sweat, I saw how hard my teammates were rowing. The race was supposed to take about 20 minutes, but with no watch, I could not gauge our pace. Midway through the race, we were passed by another boat — I thought, “We must be pathetic!” But we did what you do in rowing — we kept rowing, even harder. It turned out that the boat that passed us was in another event entirely.

Mixed Masters Novice 8+


When the results were finally announced, in first place was EBRC! Our gold medal was very satisfying, as were the congratulations the novices received from the whole masters team. I am looking forward to seeing what the novices can do in the rest of the fall racing season.

Traditional cox toss!


– George Bishop (Summer 2015 novice)