Master’s Nationals : Life in the FLA

A sunny place for shady people.
A sunny place for shady people.

I arrived in Tampa & drove down to Sarasota after a stunning red-eye ride from SFO. Decent travels (sleep on a plane is never deep and always uncomfy). Landed at my crash pad for the week, a shrunk down condo version of the Golden Girls house complete with a Patrick Nagel hanging on the wall on a palm tree & sea shell wallpapered backdrop and a spacious lanai! (I paint a silly picture but the place is actually well decorated, comfy with beautiful Floridian landscaping in an affluent planned community on a country club golf course. It’s no more than 1/2 mile from the race course for convenience as well.)

After getting my bearings & doing some light shopping, I thought I had accidentally landed on the set of of “The Sixth Sense” remake because everywhere I went I SAW DEAD PEOPLE! Then I realized, the walking dead were actually the retired local yokel community. Chatting folks up, I learned that some retired folks do live here but the 1/3 to 2/3 of the properties are owned by out-of-towners & Canadians who flood here in the winter as tourists. Run into the occasional rower out & about. Fully fleshed, well hydrated, muscular, tan people really stick out in this community.

To kill some down time, I went to the Mariners Rays game. $5 parking and $13 ticket. Cheaper than the movies. It was pleasant but I’m definitely spoiled to the expectations we have in the Bay Area regarding our sports. Even the food served ain’t the same. Well . . . Except for the pricing!

Took a peek at the race course & walked around. They are feverishly landscaping & putting on the finishing touches to the tents & spectator areas for the regatta. It kind of reminds me of the Gold Rush setup. Still a ton of construction & infrastructure to be built but the buoys are in he water and ready to go. I’ll attach a rendering of what they hope to have complete for the 2017 World Champs versus what we have here today.

Alright, off to clean the kitchen (This place is a Sur La Table graveyard of kitchen appliances. I’ve made my own yogurt & various attempts at the perfect kale, chia/flax & fruit smoothies. Gotta hold onto that lightweight status just a few more days!). Oh and to my lightweight, naturopath, herbal remedy shaman priestess EBRC sisters, DO NOT, under any circumstances drink the tea you recommended while consuming coffee, kale smoothies, okra, fruits, & oatmeal! Are you kidding me!?!? Does this thing have an off button? You know what I mean. 😉

Alright, off for a row over, equipment adjustments, wait out some possible rain & eat some food. May make a run to the beach afterwards or try to find the aquarium (I LOVE aquariums. Such a sucker.) or a Salvador Dali museum I saw somewheres along the way.

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