Perspective: Our Oakland Estuary


Most of us know this view.

Land workouts may be more likely in the winter and we may launch in the dark, but this is the our reward when we come back in. (Photo credit: Jessica F.)


Women’s Team member Jule Z. caught a flight out of OAK right after a recent practice and caught this view of our daily course:


On any given Saturday — or on a Tuesday or Thursday with the right tide timing — you’ll find the Women’s Team well past the High Street bridge, doing pieces until the water runs out. Or you may see them heading in the other direction, avoiding the ferries and spinning the boat to realize that Treasure Island isn’t that far away after all.


Men’s Team member Devin K. recently shared this gorgeous aerial view of the Jack London Aquatic Center, complete with rowers erging out on the triangle (photo credit: Anthony Fassero):


No matter how you look at it,┬áthere’s just no place like home.